Pool fence warning after toddler scales and opens gate in Adelaide.

An Adelaide mother’s video warning about flawed pool fencing which showed a two-year-old boy swinging open a gate has gone viral.

Wendy Atkinson posted the video to Facebook which showed her son scaling and opening the gate within 21 seconds unassisted to shed light on the dangers of backyard pools and young children downing.

Ms Atkinson wrote she had removed the video after being trolled, but “after much deliberation” reposted the footage “because I refuse to have another child drown before every parent had had a chance for my beautiful 2-year-old son to educate them”.

The child in a nappy and T-shirt can be seen climbing the gate which eventually opens inwards.

Ms Atkinson said the family was currently “renovating and clearing out our backyard intending to eventually put a pool in where we used to store wood”.

She said she was aware the fence had issues including the gate was inward opening and not springloaded.

Ms Atkinson said the family intended to fix those issues.

“Please UNDERSTAND this is NOT a POOL FENCE,” she wrote.

“After this we have decided it is best not to put a pool in until he is swimming confidently.”

She said she scolded her son but also decided to film it to warn other people about the dangers because it was easy for children to sneak away when parents were busy.

“As vigilant as we like to think we all are and would love to be when you add extra risks like unpredictable siblings, friends, environment it gets beyond your control accidents will happen,” she wrote.

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