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A curious detail on the Instagram of Ali Oetjen's cousin points at who wins The Bachelorette.

In proof that cousins are good for more than just making family events bearable, Ali Oetjen’s may have just given us the ultimate Bachie spoiler to ensure we are aptly prepared for Thursday’s finale.

Because, let’s be honest, we can’t resist a spoiler.

(But if you can, you probably shouldn’t be reading this).

According to her very telling Instagram update, the winner is…

Drum roll please…

Todd King.

AKA everyone’s Bachie crush.

While Bill is clearly going home this week for the stunt he pulled with his ex during hometowns (seriously, mate), Taite Radley has been somewhat of a dark horse on the program, proving himself as a front runner late in the game.

But it looks like Todd King is the one Ali chooses after all and look, we’re happy for her but we were also very excited when we discovered yesterday that he’d previously told NW he wouldn’t rule out an appearance as the next Bachelor.

Ali’s cousin Bianca, who made it abundantly clear that Todd was were fave on show earlier this season, is followed by Todd on Instagram. Her account is private, and he seems to be the only Bachelorette contestant she’s accepted to follow her.

Which is basically the 2018 equivalent of having a photo together on a family holiday.

Clearly Ali and Todd are already married and have eight kids. (Kidding.)

Is that because he's coming to Christmas Bianca? Is it?

During Bianca's brief appearance on the show, djr gave Ali the cousin-ly advice that she should give Todd more one-on-one time.

Because, well, his face.


"Todd, he was lovely and seems really genuine," she gushed.

Ali's friend Jess, who also appeared in the episode, added: "We think you should give him a bit more time."

Ali's cousin Bianca (left) and friend Jess (right) were big Todd fans.

...And we all know our friends approving of the man we choose out of 25 others who we've forced to live in a house together and partake in bizarre games live on a reality TV program is important.

See some of Osher's best work below.

BUT WAIT, there's more.

The Instagram bombshell comes after a picture from a recent cast party in Melbourne, which Todd didn't attend (because he's the winner and winners weren't invited).

While Todd's fellow finalists Taite Radley and Bill Goldsmith were snapped among Ali's other scraps last week, the 26-year-old sales rep was nowhere to be seen.

... Because he was in Adelaide gazing lovingly into Ali's eyes over post-gym protein balls.


Taite and Bill were joined by Ivan Krslovic, Daniel Hobley and Robert Colangelo and we really hope their reunion involved some sort of Bachelorette-themed dance routine to a remix of the winner music.