Sylvia Jeffreys' slip of the tongue made Karl Stefanovic lose his mind on the Today Show.

So, the Today Show crew invented a new sport this morning; it’s called ‘rugby weed’ and it’s pretty hilarious. Well, the cast thought so anyway.

It all began with a classic morning show tongue-slip by newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys, who was covering football wizard Jarryd Hayne’s multi-million dollar return to the NRL.

“In the rugby weed – rugby league – world this morning…,” she began.

Cue faint giggles in the background.

“…The Titans are expected to confirm the news, which weed – we – broke here on the Today show earlier,” she concluded.

Cue snorts.

“Tell you what, that’d be a game I’d like to see, rugby weed,” said co-host Karl Stefanovic, through laughter.

To which Lisa Wilkinson quipped, “How do you know you haven’t already?”

Tim then said something about it “making you hungry,” before Jeffreys decided the novelty sport would involve men running “in and out of the cones”.

Let’s be honest, weed probably tune in.

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