Ben Fordham and Sonia Kruger just played a terrible prank on Syvia Jeffreys.

Oh, bless your beautiful soul, Sylvia Jeffreys.

Unfortunately, it was just one of those days for The Today Show presenter when she was victim to one of Sonia Kruger and Ben Fordham‘s pranks.

Fordham was the one who started the whole thing when he showed off this month’s cover of The Women’s Weekly. 

Written on the cover is a quote from Kruger, “Why I would love another child”.

After pointing out the headline, Fordham refers to footage of a 3D sonogram of an unborn baby.

“Look, there’s a bit of footage that we’ve got here,” he says.

As soon as the video is shown you hear Jeffreys gasp in excitement, assuming the child's was Kruger.

"Now that is a new Today Extra member," Kruger says only adding to the whole joke.

After a little bit of silence, Kruger finally comes clean saying, "That's Ben's little baby there."

We finally get a shot of Jeffreys, covering her embarrassment from being on the receiving end of another prank.

NOOO. Poor Sylv.

She then goes on to say, "You're so mean. You're so mean to tease me."

After getting over the fact Kruger wasn't again pregnant, she did say she was thrilled for Fordham, who is having his second child with wife, Jodie Speers.

The end of the segment did to be slightly tinged with sadness when Fordham asked Kruger about her comments on having another baby and she did confirm she would love one.

"I would love another child. But, I'm not going to push my luck."

Scroll through to see some beautiful photos of Kruger and her daughter. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Kruger, who will turn 51 this year, has one child with her partner, Craig McPherson, named Maggie.

The TV personality had been trying for a child for many years with McPherson, but had miscarried a number of times.

Maggie was conceived through IVF and turned one earlier this year.

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