The Fran Drescher interview that completely undid Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon.

Fran Drescher is isolated alone in her Malibu mansion and clearly starved for human interaction.

So when she had the opportunity to… speak… out loud… to other, real people in the form of an interview with Today‘s Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon, you best believe she took it.

And every extrovert on earth will feel this deep, deep in their soul.

Watch: The celebs are in isolation and they’re… losing it. Post continues below video.

Video via Mamamia

Drescher joined the interview to speak about “capitalist America”.

“Can you just give us an idea of what’s happening in your country right now, you think workers should strike, why is that?” Langdon began the interview.

“Umm, I didn’t say workers should strike, I don’t know what that’s about at all. I think most people are being encouraged to stay home and flatten the curve, so the hospitals aren’t completely inundated and won’t be able to service the community who are sick with not only COVID-19 but also with all the other problems that people have that need addressing,” she replied before stating how she was adhering to those recommendations with very impressive detail.

In fact, Drescher talked non-stop for… about five minutes.


We learned she hadn’t left her house for a few weeks, but was very lucky because she had a nice backyard and an ocean view.

“I’m also doing all my house cleaning, which is novel for me and keeping me very busy. So I took my nail polish off because you can’t have a manicure and be doing housekeeping.

“And I just got a rescue dog, that you may see here, just days before the California governor imposed the isolation on us.

“I feel so blessed that I have this sweet dog to keep me company because otherwise I would’ve been completely alone here.”

At this point, Stefanovic tried to jump in with a second question, but Drescher was on a roll and wasn’t stopping for anybody.

She told us about her electronics and social media before sharing her tips for keeping healthy and avoiding COVID-19 (suggestions include sunlight and taking vitamin C) and the United States healthcare system.

By this point, Stefanovic and Langdon had a major case of the giggles.

fran drescher today show karl stefanovic allison langdon
LOOK. Image: Channel 9.
fran drescher today show karl stefanovic allison langdon
AT. Image: Channel 9.
fran drescher today show karl stefanovic allison langdon
THEIR. Image: Channel 9.
fran drescher today show karl stefanovic allison langdon
FACES. Image: Channel 9.

Stefanovic raised his hand multiple times, indicating he wanted to ask a question but... it didn't work.

fran drescher today show karl stefanovic allison langdon
"FR-" Image: Channel 9.

She also made sure to get a couple of plugs in for her foundation Cancer Schmancer, before Stefanovic finally managed to successfully jump in.

"Fran, that's all we have time for," he said, which was disappointing for Drescher, who had at least 20 minutes more planned and also us, who were especially enjoying every second of watching Langdon struggle to hold in her laughs.


"Thank you so much for being with us this morning, we love your smiling face so much..."

fran drescher today show karl stefanovic allison langdon
Image: Channel 9.

"OH," Drescher jumped in. "Wait a minute! I have the biggest announcement," she said.

"You're not going to believe this, but this coming Monday, on April 6, The Nanny is having a virtual reunion of the original cast."

"Get out," Stefanovic replied. "You buried the headline, Fran!"

And well, as much as we enjoyed learning about her breathing advice and techniques, he's not wrong.

After an awkward silence - proving this interview had absolutely everything we could've ever hoped and dreamed of - Stefanovic said they had to leave it there, which was a shame because he had all these questions he'd planned to ask her if she had just... let... him.

"You're a very funny lady. Thanks for all the enjoyment you've given us over the years," he said.

"Take care, everybody," Drescher yelled as Stefanovic waved, blew a kiss and said "Bye, bye, bye," frantically, like it was the year 2000 and he was in a boyband.

After the interview had finally wrapped, Stefanovic joked about her upcoming appearance on Today Extra.

"Fran on Today Extra will be closely followed by the 6pm news."