Today hosts in tears after cancer patient dies within hours of being interviewed.

Emotions ran high on Monday’s episode of the Today show, when a cancer patient died just hours after meeting Stevie Jacobs.

Today tried to make Jordan Lorenzi’s dreams come true by funding his wedding, but sadly Lorenzi, who was only 22, passed away just hours after the segment was recorded.

Today host Stevie Jacobs was visibly moved as he read out a eulogy for Lorenzi, outside the Melbourne hospital where the 22-year-old passed away, on a segment that aired on Monday morning.

today show cancer patient
Image: Channel 9

"I only got to meet this young man, who is extraordinary, for a short amount of time, but I was touched by his courage, his soul, and his pure love for his mum and his dad, and his fiancée," Jacobs said.

"Sometimes the smallest moments leave the biggest impression," he added.

Lorenzi and his fiancée, Lenae Kaenear, wanted to get married as soon as possible, as they didn't know how long Lorenzi would live.


Today gave the couple an envelope that contained $10 000 and two diamond rings. But sadly there was not enough time to make their dream come true.

Lorenzi passed away on Sunday morning just hours after he met Jacobs.

It's been decided that the money will be donated Lorenzi's family instead.

"At his family's request, we decided to run that segment in loving memory of Jordan," Jacobs said.

"Also, his mum Diane wanted to highlight this terrible disease he was suffering from, Ewing's sarcoma," he added.

In a beautiful gesture, the Today show matched the $10 o00 donation and promised $5,000 to the John Fawkner Hospital, and $5,000 to research into Ewing's sarcoma.

You find more information about Ewing's sarcoma here.