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A woman decided to 'test' her boyfriend with a porn star. It did not go down well.

An American woman has found herself newly single after she tried to trap her boyfriend into cheating on her.

Appearing on How to Catch a Cheater the young woman hired porn star, Valerie White, to approach her boyfriend and suggest a hookup, all while the interaction was being secretly filmed and live-streamed back to her.

“I love him; things are going really well but I need to settle my curiosities,” the woman explained before she admitted, “I feel almost a little crazy.”

The woman said despite dating for a year she was still untrusting. Source: Youtube.

The girlfriend watched on anxiously as White approached her boyfriend outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore and offered him her number, asked for a ride, suggested group sex, and requested to see his penis.

The boyfriend - who appeared highly uncomfortable throughout the interaction - told White that he was seeing someone and at one point asked why she was interested in him.

When he tried to walk away, White was seen following him through the carpark groping him before she was told by crews to end the interaction.


The girlfriend watches on as White approaches her boyfriend. Source: Youtube.

So aside from being a seriously shady operation, it was also highly violating for the man in question, who at no point consented to being touched, followed or heckled like he was.

Incredibly, the girlfriend was not satisfied with what she saw, saying, "He still got her number and said he would hang out with her so I have mixed feelings.

"I wanted him to say get the f**k away from me, you dumb b**ch, and that's not how it went," she continued before phoning her boyfriend to let him know it had been a setup.

The interaction goes on. Post continues... 

Video by To Catch a Cheater

"You acted better than I thought you would," she began, adding, "I did it for us, I was just curious, I just had to know."

Unsurprisingly, the boyfriend was having none of it and dumped her then and there, ending their phone call abruptly.