'Baby whisperer' Tizzie Hall attacked on social media.

Author of baby book Save our Sleep Tizzie Hall has come under fire from online parent safety groups after a specific blog post she published this week.

Hall published a piece about ‘baby origami’ where she demonstrated to parents how to properly wrap your baby in a swaddle or blanket. Seems harmless.

Tizzie Hall has come under fire. Image via @tizzie_hall Instagram.

Safety groups are concerned about Hall suggesting you wrap your baby in blankets before putting them in a car seat or pram/stroller.

Hall gave instructions on how to do it on her site.

Tizzie Hall's post.

Although she provided a warning, safety groups said it was still very dangerous advice and was something that parents should be warned against.

Kidsafe Queensland posted Hall's article on their Facebook Page with a warning statement. They wrote, "Just seen VERY DISTURBING information on a website. (with a link to Hall's Save our Sleep website)."

The offending article. image via Kidsafe Queensland Facebook Page.

The non-government, not-for-profit organisation continued to explain what you should never do to your baby.

"DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES wrap your baby like this in a swaddle or blanket and place in a child car seat or a pram/stroller. Arms and legs MUST be sticking out of the harness straps," they wrote.

They continued to explain that the Houdini strap is not recommended. They wrote that it is designed to break apart in a crash and so a baby could be ejected from the car seat's restraint if needed.

"See the case of QLD baby Isobella who was ejected right out of the car because she was swaddled then placed in her baby safety capsule. She died at just 4 months of age. The parents simply did not know of the danger they were placing her in," they wrote.

A four-month-old baby died in a car crash in 2011 in Queensland. She was tossed from her car seat when the car she was in crashed. Witnesses said she was wrapped in a blanket underneath restraining belts.

It was never confirmed that swaddling was the reason Isobella's restraints didn't save her however a report did suggest that there could have been a safety risk because of the blankets being between the baby and her restraints.

A lot of people agreed with Kidsafe Queensland's concerns and shared their worries about the advice from Tizzie Hall.

Hall is a known parenting author of Save our Sleep and also has a reputation as a 'baby whisperer'.

What advice have you received about car seat safety?