There is an alternate ending to the Titanic movie, and it's really bizarre.

There is an alternate ending to the Titanic movie.  And it’s bad.


You actually won’t be able to believe how bad it is. Like, if this ending had been used in the film, there is no chance in hell Titanic would have won 11 Oscars. Kate and Leo probably would have ended up doing Target commercials to make ends meet.

Let’s break this down, shall we? And then decide whether or not James Cameron was drunk.

Things start the way we all remember. Old lady Rose heads to the back the ship in her nightgown, planning to selfishly throw the Heart of the Ocean into the ocean, even though the granddaughter who’s been taking care of her could clearly use the money:

Now, in the ending we’ve all seen, Old Lady Rose drops the necklace into the ocean, goes back to bed, and nobody is the wiser.

This alternate ending goes a different way.

She’s standing on the edge of the ship when – GASP! – Bill Paxton and her granddaughter see her, and think that she’s going to kill herself:

They run to her as fast as they can in an effort to save her life:

When they get to her, they’re all like “Don’t do it!” etc etc etc. And she’s all: “You idiots. I’m not going to jump. I’m here to….”


Bill Paxton freaks the fuck out. He begs her not to drop the billion dollar necklace (that, again, could really help out her freaking granddaughter) into the sea:

But she’s all, “Soz, I’m doing it. Life isn’t about fancy jewels.” (Which is easy to say when you’re not the one PAYING THE BILLS.) She drops it:

Then, Bill Paxton gets the whole point of life and the movie in 3 seconds, when Old Lady Rose tells him that he should stop looking for treasure and start focussing on making each day count. He doesn’t care about the billion-dollar necklace anymore:

Then he REALLY doesn’t care about the billion-dollar necklace anymore:

Then Old Lady Rose is all: *wisdom face*

And that’s it. That’s how James Cameron originally planned for Titanic to end. Until someone stepped in and took the vodka bottle out of his hand.

Watch the full scene here:

Yep. So, it needs to be asked:

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