The trick to finding an off-the-shoulder top that actually looks good.

About a month ago, just when temperatures started to creep up, I started noticing something peculiar.

Shoulders. Shoulders were suddenly everywhere.

Tanned shoulders! Freckly shoulders! Pointy shoulders! as far as the eye could see.

Yes, reader friends, the off-the-shoulder top trend has been in full swing for some weeks now and it’s about to explode all over our beloved summer.

A photo posted by SOPHIE CACHIA (@theyoungmummy) on Oct 12, 2016 at 12:27am PDT

Being a shoulder phobic, I was faced with two options: A) Scream and cry and curse the fashun gods while elbows-deep in a red bag of Doritos, or B) suck it up, do my research and embrace this intimidating trend with a smile.

I’m guessing you can deduct from the headline that I picked B.

I promptly gathered my sparkliest, trendiest, fashun-iest girlfriends, and picked their sparkly, trendy, fashun brains for all the tips and tricks to wearing off-the-shoulder tops.

Here’s what I learned.

1. Buy ze right bra

Easier said than done – I KNOW – but it’s a good idea to get your mitts on a comfy, well-fitting strapless bra. This will save you from that questionable ‘exposed bra straps’ look that your mum used to scold you about when you were 15.

Make mum happy, guys. Get the right bra.


One of my friends added the bra should be “nude coloured” because this will work with any and all tops, especially the ones that are slightly sheer or white.

Need some additional help? I’ll let Mia explain. (Post continues…)

2. Length is everything

As someone who meanders through life resembling a giraffe on Stilnox, the length of my ~fancy~ off-shoulder top is apparently tres important.

The trick is this: the taller you are, the longer the top you can get away with.

For my bite-sized sisters, cropped styles or ones that graze your jeans’ pockets are best. For my fellow giants, ones that fall a little lower are A-OK.

3. It’s very boob-centric

This one’s super simple: form-fitting off-shoulder tops look great on fellow members of the itty bitty titty committee, while streamlined or flowy styles look BLOOMIN’ BEAUTIFUL on women who are blessed in the breast department.

Click through to see some of your favourite celebs in off-shoulder styles. (Post continues…)

4. Fantastic elastic

While off-the-shoulder tops can be stunning they can also be bloody annoying.

If you’re planning on spending any time with your arms in the air, for example, maybe reconsider. If you’re moving house or training in flight attendant safety instructions, for example, can I recommend wearing a basic tee? Because these bad boys DO NOT TOLERATE ARM MOVEMENTS.

This woe can be (partly) remedied by some handy elasticated shoulders, so seek them out when you’re shopping. Also make sure the top isn’t too tight – having one that is slightly firm on your guns is ideal.

5. The full package

To nail your off-shoulder look, pair your top with a cropped pair of snug high-waisted jeans and summery sandals.


These are some off-shoulder styles we love…

 ASOS Off Shoulder Top with Frill Sleeve, $55 
 ASOS CURVE Cold Shoulder Cami Top, $28.50 
 ASOS Tiered Off Shoulder Top in Satin, $63
 ASOS CURVE Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Top in Rib, $28
ASOS Satin Off Shoulder Top In Stripe, $67