There's a polite way to poo on a plane, in case you were wondering.

When it comes to bowel movements, some people just aren’t as bold as others, and that’s totally okay.

For the nervous pooer, navigating a world of public toilets and overnight plane trips is nothing short of nightmarish—the latter is arguably the most terrifying prospect of all, though.

Unfortunately, no matter how shy you are, when you gotta go you gotta go. But there are things you can do to ease the anxiety of pooing in public, even on long flights.

According to former flight attendant Erica Roth, the best time to visit the bathroom in the air is right after the seat belt light goes off or before the drink service begins.

Sometimes there's no way around it. Source: iStock

She also had a couple of other tips for avoiding getting on the nose of your fellow passengers.

“Close quarters, poor ventilation and a lack of efficient plumbing — to be blunt, the stench can fill a cabin quickly,” Roth told Mel magazine.

“Ask an attendant for packets of coffee grounds, then hang them up in the lavatory. The grounds will soak up the odour.”

It's also polite to get in and out as quickly as possible and always, always clean up after yourself.

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Another place people often struggle to do their business, as it were, is at work. After all, you're stuck with colleagues all day, everyday so you don't want them thinking you're an inconsiderate schlub.

According to etiquette expert Patricia Rossi, it's best to pick the stall furthest from anyone else who might be taking a trip to the loo at the same time.

"The more space you have between you and other toilet-goers, the less detectable any sounds or smells will be,” she explained to Women's Health.

Rossi also said to make sure to properly flush the toilet as you exit:

"Don’t be that rude person who leaves a deposit behind for the next user to have to flush."

What not to do, basically.

If you're worried about the sound, you can put a layer of toilet paper of the water to silence a potential splash and smartphones are an absolute no-no.

“Texting or talking on it in the stall is unhygienic, and if co-workers see you use it, it will damage your work reputation," Rossi said.

Most of the above tips can be used applied to any public space, but if you happen to be in someone's else's house when you're overcome by an unavoidable urge to poo, try to open a window or, at the very least, reach for the air freshener.