"She started bleeding." 15 women on their most cringe-worthy, sweat-inducing job interviews.

Job interviews can be a truly nerve-wracking and – at times – mildly terrifying experience.

No matter how hard you try to play it cool, the pressure to impress your prospective future boss can you make you do, or worse, say some pretty awkward things.

Plus, sometimes things happen during a job interview that are completely out of your control, like accidentally rocking up wearing the same outfit as the interviewer or being on the receiving end of a very sweaty handshake.

Alas, job interview blunders are much more common than you might think.

And to prove it, writer and mental health activist Harriet Williamson asked her Twitter followers to share their worst job interview stories. Here are their best answers:

Here are just a few of the most cringe-worthy interview horror stories people have shared.