Emilyrose spent just $1700 on her wedding and is sharing her tips with the world.

When Sydney-born, Glasgow-based Emilyrose Fitzpatrick was planning her wedding, she, unlike many other brides, had one thing in mind: To save as much money as humanly possible and still ensure it was the happiest day of her life.

In an interview with the Daily Record, Fitzpatrick said when her and husband Rory prepared to marry last September, they had less than four months to plan the wedding.

The first thing she did was find a “lovely strappy wedding dress” on ASOS for a little over $100.

She went on to kill two birds with one stone, finding flowers she could use as a bouquet and as headwear.

“I picked up florist’s tape, wire and ribbons, and made a stunning bouquet and headpiece, as well as two corsages for my best friends,” she told the magazine.

In addition, they were inventive when it came to photos, hiring a photographer for about $330 for the two hours of the ceremony. For the reception, they put disposable cameras on the tables for their friends and family to take photos with.

When it comes to music, they did it all themselves, creating an eight-hour long playlist.

And as for food? Well, some favours came in handy, with Rory working in the hospitality industry.

“Thanks to Rory’s contacts in the hospitality industry, he bagged a great deal on a function room in a pub for our 100 guests.

“The pub did canapes of calamari and pork pies and we had a $50 cheese tower with crackers instead of a cake.

“It was the most perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

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