Influencers are carrying around teeny tiny handbags and we now have very pressing questions.

Influencers are carrying tiny handbags that appear to have zero purpose and we have questions.

By tiny, we mean they are hardly worthy of the term “handbag”. That would suggest they are at least the size of a hand, which they are not.

While they admittedly look very chic, we have identified a few problems with the… look.

Firstly, where is all your stuff?

Every woman knows that the main purpose of a handbag is to hold important things, which means women with the following identifiers are unable to participate in this trend.

  • Asthmatics – no space for an emergency puffer.
  • Women who pay for things – no room for money.
  • Women who menstruate – zero chance you could fit a pad in there (but maybe a tampon).
  • Anyone who wears makeup – a lipstick might fit but we can’t be sure.
  • Gum chewers – ditch the habit or don’t bother with the bag, they ain’t fitting.
  • Women who make phone calls on a device bigger than a flip phone.

That rules out… most people.

tiny handbags
Almost completely missed this one. Image: Getty.
tiny handbag
What... fits in there? Image: Getty.
tiny handbags
Don't even think of stuffing an emergency pad in here. Image: Getty.
tiny handbags
So. Dang. Small. Image: Getty.

If that's not enough to confuse the heck out of you, here are a few immediate thoughts that the Mamamia team had.

"It looks like you wanted a designer bag but this was all you could afford."

"Ah, it looks perfect for carrying around all the money I... don't have."

"The bag I take on a date when I have absolutely no intention of paying for anything."

"Perfect for when your boyfriend asks if he can put stuff in your bag."

"A bag for ants..."

"Is it a Barbie bag?"

"That would fit precisely 1.5 Tic Tacs."

"All it's carrying is a single tampon."

So... what is in these bags?


We can only imagine there is something to the effect of three almonds, two Panadols and one tampon.