Tinder has a new feature called the 'super like'.

Alright, Tinder.

You used to be simple. Swipe left for no. Swipe right for yes.

And now, you’re getting a little too fancy.

The dating app has just introduced a whole new level to its swiping. Now, as well as swiping left and swiping right, users can swipe UP if they really like the look of someone.

Introducing ‘THE SUPER-LIKE’. Creepy, much? Yes.

The Tinder ‘SUPER LIKE’, from Tinder’s website.

The Super Like is so much more than just a right swipe. For starters, you only get one Super Like a day. Just one. So if someone super-likes you, you know they mean business.

And how will you know? A little blue footer will appear when their picture comes through your rotation, announcing that they super-dooper liked the heck out of you. Quick! You better Super Like them back, or their little heart might break into a million pieces!

Or worse yet, they might come knocking on your door. Just kidding. But seriously, the Super Like is a little bit intense for a dating app full of strangers.

To accompany the release, Tinder have made a really weird video about it.


Combined with the recent features of Passport (so you can reveal your location) and Tinder Plus (a higher version of Tinder that costs money but has unlimited swipes), things are getting a bit complicated.

From now on, follow the K.I.S.S rule, Tinder.

Keep It Simple, Swipers.