Swipe right! Presenting the celebrities who are actually on Tinder.

Don’t dismiss that scruffy guy called Leonard.

If you thought the worst thing that could happen to you on Tinder is swiping right on a guy who is a knob (or you are confronted with an unsolicited pic of an actual knob), think again. You could end up on a date with Shane Warne.

Following revelations of Hillary Duff’s Tinder travails, we decided to do a little digging and see which other celebrities are on Tinder.

Hilary Duff loves Tinder.

And it seems some of Hollywood’s brightest lights have a penchant for us normals.

At a South by Southwest event this year, Tinder CEO Sean Rad said that there are loads of celebrity Tinder users, but they get more left swipes than anyone else because people think their profiles are fake.

If you swipe across any of the following famous faces, you’d better believe they could be your next hot dates.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Newsboy cap and straggly beard? It’s Leonard! Image via Getty.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Would you go out with a guy called Leonard? That’s apparently the name Leonardo DiCaprio goes by on the app in an attempt to avoid recognition. So if you see a slightly paunchy guy with a man-bun whose profile picture is taken aboard a luxury yacht, or next to Martin Scorcese, think very carefully. The founding member of the Pussy Posse has Tinder Plus, the international version, according to completely reliable sources at Star Magazine.

Katy Perry is “deep” on Tinder. Image via Instagram.

Katy Perry

When asked on a U.S. radio show whether she remains single after her split with John Mayer, Perry replied, “Uh, yes I am, hello.”


She added, “I’m really deep on Tinder so I don’t have a whole lot of time.”

Look out for a woman dressed as a giant cupcake dancing beside a pair of sharks.

Lohan siblings Michael and Lindsay both swipe. Just not on each other. Image via Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan

Shrinking violet Lindsay makes no secret of her Tinder-love.

Last year, she posted a screen shot to her Instagram account of one of her Tinder finds: her own brother, Michael.


“Look who I just found on @tinderapp… hey bro,” she wrote. Why miss an opportunity for more awkwardness?

Chelsea Handler is ready for her Tinder date! Image via Instagram.

Chelsea Handler

Handler may or may not be on Tinder. She’s been threatening to join for a while, and it seems she’s into it for the same reason as the rest of us: to meet “anonymous, random men.”

“I’m going to go on Tinder, I just keep forgetting to. I would, I don’t mind that idea at all. You can verify me, I’ll verify that I’m me,” she said on her show Chelsea Lately.

“Or you could just text me and I’ll text you back and say, ‘I’m famous, let’s fuck’.”

Oscars Red Carpet 2015
Pretty sure if Chris Pine’s face came up on Tinder our phones would break from sexiness. Image via Getty.

Chris Pine

Fictional prince Chris Pine could be your real-life prince, because he too may be swiping his way around Tinder.

“I have a couple of buddies who use Tinder. Whatever eases the process is great, since it can be awkward and uncomfortable meeting someone,” he told Cosmopolitan magazine.

“It’s the same jumping-off point, ‘Oh, she’s cute’ or ‘He’s cute’, and then you start talking. Ultimately, it comes down to the connection you have with that person once she’s in the room.”

Warnie can teach you “porno moves”. Image via Instagram.

Shane Warne
As Woman’s Day will tell you, “Aussie mum” Kim McGrath, 43, went on a Tinder date with Warnie after happening upon his profile and a “wild sex romp” ensued.

Look, we’ll just let the mag tell the story:

“The night of passion included Shane asking her to stand in the corner in her high heels while he spanked her; him discovering erogenous zones on her body she didn’t know existed; Shane driving her wild with his own brand of foreplay; and him talking dirty to her a d encouraging her to try a few ‘porno’ style moves.”

Porno moves, you guys! This is what Tinder was meant for.

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