The most cringeworthy Tinder messages of all time. You're welcome.

They’ll make you want to set your phone on fire.

You swiped right for a mega hottie and now you find yourself sharing playful banter that may/may not end in a one night stand. That’s the goal, anyway. 

So what happens when that hottie actually ends up being a super-creep with a series of freaky pick up lines that show an uncomfortable interest in your net worth and your chest girth? Yeah. It happens.

Geography is fun, right?

One brilliant Instagram page, known simply as Tinder Nightmares, receives daily screenshots from unsatisfied Tinderers who have met an internet douchbag. And there are many of those.

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So we present to you (with only a slight amount of judgement) our favourite Tinder Nightmares.

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