Is this the biggest Tinder fail ever? These 32 women would probably say so.

These girls really did cop a Tinder surprise.

Meet Joshua. Like many young people his age, Joshua is on Tinder; happily swiping right and left in his spare time, in a bid to find his dream girl/random hook-up buddy/ just someone to have a little chat with. Whatever.

Joshua isn’t very good at Tinder. One day, Joshua decided to send the same text to a few different people, with the original opening of ‘Hey gorgeous.’ Maybe Joshua was bored. Maybe Joshua was trying to decide who he likes best out of his 30+ matches, and with the burden of the online dating world on his well-built shoulders, it was first in, best dressed.

However Joshua made a bit of an oopsie. He texted the message – to 32 recipients – in a group message. Now the girls have sent Joshua’s royal Tinder fuck-up viral and hilarity has ensued.

Take a look below (and just a warning – these texts contain the odd swearword):

Sorry Josh. Looks like none of these matches are going to be your Tinderella.

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