When this woman was body-shamed on Tinder, she had the ultimate comeback.

A woman who was body shamed by a Tinder match has hit back, telling him that she was out of his league and we couldn’t agree more.

The woman’s friend shared screenshots of the exchange on Facebook, writing: “My best friend is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, inside AND out, and she did not deserve any of those disgusting words.”

“I don’t think anyone, for that matter, deserves to be treated this way. Connor is a wonderful example of how mean, cruel and ignorant people can be.”

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The post came after the woman received a slew of vile messages on the popular dating app from a 23-year-old man named Connor.

The man asked her what she was up to before telling her that she was ‘one fat motherf**ker’.

The woman responded (sarcastically) that she was so happy that the app ‘has provided a free weight loss coach’ and that he had motivated her ‘change her life around.’

Connor then told her that she was ‘just overweight’ and ‘way out of his league’.

tinder body shame
The woman hit back saying she was out of his league. Image via Facebook.

Our new feminist hero replied to tell the 23-year-old that she honestly was out of his league.

"Because I treat people kindly regardless of what they look like, you could learn a few things about being a kind human instead of a self-absorbed jackass."

But even that wasn't enough for Connor to pack up his fragile little ego and leave the conversation with the little bit of dignity he had left.

tinder body shamed
Connor then told her that she was 'just overweight' and 'way out of his league'. Image via Facebook.

He continued to berate the woman telling her to 'stay humble' and to go for 'average or unattractive dudes who are overweight'.

The woman replied with another message, writing: "I don't need to stay in my league by any means. I know what I bring to the table whether it is looks wise or personality and I don't need any validation from anyone in that regard."

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"If you really care enough to tell me that I'm out of league, swiping on you based off looks, then you're out of your league based off my personality and kindness."

Tinder has a zero tolerance policy on those who harass and disrespect fellow Tinder users.

“At Tinder, we are always monitoring and blocking users who are demonstrating bad behavior on our platform, and this case is no different," said Rosette Pambakian, Tinder's Vice President of Global Communications and Branding.

"Now more than ever, we want to make sure that all of our users know that this type of behavior is not welcome – or allowed – on our app. We continually encourage our users to immediately report any harassment or bad behavior while they are on Tinder in order for us to quickly ban users who violate our terms of use.”

So that's one point to our new feminist hero and a big fat zero to some random dirtbag on Tinder.

Have you ever been body shamed on Tinder?

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