Beauty vlogger Tina Yong reveals what makeup looks like under a microscope. (And it ain't pretty.)

Aussie beauty vlogger Tina Yong knows what the end of the world looks like. It looks like eyelashes. Eyelashes coated in mascara and magnified hundreds of times.

And after seeing the footage that led to this revelation, we’re inclined to agree.

The Sydney-based makeup artist recently posted a video to her popular YouTube channel in which she ran a magnifying camera over her face, with and without makeup, while commentating the fascinating/mildly disturbing results.

Results like this:

"I didn't not expect this." Image: Tina Yong, YouTube.

That right there is a bunch of makeup-free eyelashes. "This is insane. I have so many black dots in my eyelashes, from my mascara that I didn't take off properly," Yong said. "That looks really scary. Oh my God. This is not good guys.

"Imagine what they're going to look like when I actually apply mascara on them."

This. They're going to look like this.

Image: Tina Yong YouTube

"Why does it look like a forest burned down and this is what's left?" Yong said. "It's the end of the world, guys! This is what it looks like.

"My eyelashes could be a horror movie."

That feeling creeping across your skin right now, the sensation of disgust tinged with satisfaction, the inability to avert your eyes, that's the reason more than 5.1 million people have watched Yong's clip (and indeed anything produced by Dr Pimple Popper.)

Speaking of which, this is what Yong's sole, minuscule blemish looks like.

Image: Tina Yong/YouTube.

If you're here for the popping bit, it doesn't come. Instead of wreaking havoc with her dermis for our enjoyment, Yong does the (depressingly) responsible thing and leaves it alone and just covers it up with concealer.

The very same pimple, concealed. Image: Tina Yong/YouTube.

The camera (which costs less than $20, in case you're keen to get intimate with your own complexion) also captured they way makeup sits on the skin. Her cheeks, which were already flawless when bare, look positively sparkling with highlighter.

But Yong was less than impressed with the way her foundation coated the skin on her chin.

Sans foundation... Image: Tina Yong/YouTube.
..."Eugh." Image: Tina Yong/YouTube.

We'd share more, but we have some urgent shopping to attend to, that may or may not involve copious quantities of cleanser.

To see the rest of Tina Wong's amazing clip, watch full video below.

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