Tina Fey throws serious shade at the Oscars: "Halfway through, I was like, 'This is some real Hollywood bulls***'"

The Oscars was notable this year for its focus on the big issues —  the environment, sexual assault, LGBTQI issues, and the big one….race.

But comedian Tina Fey, 45, got fed up with the rhetoric.

“Being at the Oscars… halfway through I was like, ‘This is some real Hollywood bullshit,” she told Howard Stern.

“Everyone’s telling me like what to do and it was like, people are yelling at me about rape and corporate greed, but really it’s climate change, and I was like ‘Guys, pick a lane. Hey everyone, we’re going to fix everything tonight. And also, you’re all rich. Why are you yelling at me about corporate greed? You’re all so rich.'”

Watch Fey with Margot Robbie in their new movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot… Post continues after video.

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She didn’t have a problem with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor acceptance speech, though, in which he spoke at length about climate change.

“I always am psyched when someone is articulate with those things because, let’s face it, actors are very stupid,” Fey said.

“But he’s so smart and his speech was so cogent.”

tina fey oscars
T-Feezy at the Oscars. Image via Getty.

Howard Stern asked Fey how she reconciles the model-shagging, super-yacht-sailing Leo with the passionate environmentalist Leo.

“Isn’t it weird to think about the Leo on the party boat who fucks tons of girls, and the Leo who gets up and is the so socially conscious guy? Like, how do you fuck that many women without a conscience…?” he mused.

“That doesn’t affect the green footprint, no matter how many women you fuck,” Fey pointed out. “As long as you walk over to them.”

She also discussed the surreal Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. “You know it’s a crazy party when you look around and think, ‘Oh, here’s someone normal I can talk to, Selena Gomez.'”