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Timm Hanly was in The Bachelorette finale. He's just gone viral in America.

An Australian lad is going viral on TikTok and he's a face many of us will know very well — especially fans of The Bachelorette

Timm Hanly was first introduced in the 2019 season, as he pursued former Googlebox star, Angie Kent. For his wholesome — albeit chaotic — nature, Timm won over audiences and gained a strong following, but he didn't win Angie's heart. 

Despite Timm making it all the way to the finale, Angie picked Carlin Sterritt to be her forever fella — although their relationship didn't last long. 

Five years after his TV debut, Timm has fund himself in the spotlight again after a random appearance on TikTok went viral. In a video shared by @stanchrissss, the TikToker is interviewing people on the streets of LA during Pride festivities, and our own Timm was selected for a chat.

The video has since gone viral with almost 2 million views, more than 260k likes and 10k shares.

The clip was captioned "more men like him, please", and featured the Australian reality star sharing his thoughts on how he found himself at Pride. "I have a wife and child, you know what, we're just here from Australia, it's our second day here in America, and we just stumbled across it and I'm just here for the vibes, that's it," Timm said.

"We absolutely love it!"

@stanchrissss More men like him please 😍🤣 #pride #lgbt #men #fyp #viral #australia ♬ original sound - stanchris

Later in the clip, Timm was asked what he would do if he was hit on by a gay guy. This was his time to shine, as he grabbed the microphone and declared, "Oh I love this."

"I feel like, let's say I'm walking down the street, and a gay guy's looking at me, like 'hmm', that's as good as a girl looking at me. That counts. That's as good for my ego as a hot chick looking at me, you know what I mean?"


Timm's refreshing admission has been applauded by people in the comments. 

"That's a healthy, secure and proud masculinity," one comment read, which gained more than 40k likes.

"We love this level of self-awareness and security," a second added. 

"I can't explain it… but when he grabbed the mic to say that hypothetical scenario, it just felt like the most Australian thing," another popular comment added. 

As the clip started to spread on the platform, Australians quickly recognised Timm as the man of the moment.

"Bro is that the guy from The Bachelorette?? Aussies help me here," one wrote.

Timm Hanly was a fan favourite on Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette. Image: Ten. 


Since leaving The Bachelorette, Timm appeared on Bachelor In Paradise where he dated Brittany Hockley, but she claims he ghosted her after filming.

Timm claimed that after Angie split with Carlin, she sent him a message. "She slid into my DMs but I just said, 'Look I don't think we are going to be friends,'" Timm told The Daily Telegraph

"She said she hoped we might be friends and s**t after her and Carlin broke up. I was just like, whatever, relax love."

Since her season, Angie hasn't had the kindest words to say about Timm or his controversial co-star, Ciarran Stott, who both received backlash for their toxic antics on Bachelor In Paradise.

"Sorry Straya! If I knew sooner I would've sent him and his hype man home second episode," she wrote in an Instagram comment on Bachie Funny.

"NO ONE f**ks with my sisterhood."

But based on his viral TikTok, it seems Timm is now on a better path. The reality star got engaged to his fiancée Briana De La Motte in 2022 and the couple welcomed a baby girl, Harper Florence Hanly, in 2023.

Feature image: Ten/TikTok/@@stanchrissss. 

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