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Even when he was getting his heart broken on TV, Timm showed us what a good man looks like.

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Last night we had to watch a golden retriever puppy in the form of a long-haired, angelic man have his heartbroken on The Bachelorette and… we’re not okay.

We watched the entire season, realised we loved man buns, banter and leopard print neck ties more than we loved… nice faces, and put all our support behind a man who sometimes needs to pee mid-sentence and yells at animals for acting weird.

If you’d like a side of tears with your morning coffee. Post continues below video.

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Then we sobbed as Angie Kent told sweet, sweet Timm with two Ms he was her soulmate but she wasn’t picking him(???), tearing the hearts out of the nation.


We'd fallen in love with Timm Hanly from the beginning of the season, when we realised he was more than just a man with two Ms, with an ability to simultaneously stop drama and stir it up.

We realised he was hilarious and totally down to laugh at himself, even when forced into a large, red lobster outfit.

We realised he shunned restrictive gender stereotypes for dudes, wearing some damn great cocktail party outfits, unapologetically rocking eyeliner and being open and honest about his feelings.

We laughed when he performed a stand-up comedy routine about ducks, laughed when he yelled at loud birds because Angie didn't like them, laughed when he yelled at a horse for looking fake and laughed when he yelled at cows for... walking in a straight line.

the bachelorette australia 2019 finale recap

Angie also considered him the one she trusted to tell her the truth. He was the one she turned to for guidance and also to tick her biggest relationship box: Someone to laugh with.

He didn't have a perfectly delivered script, and when he told Angie things like "I look at you [and feel] a little bit inspired" and "I will f*cking love you... every morning you will be full of love and happiness," we knew he meant it wholeheartedly.

So... we loved him, Osher loved him, the mansion alpacas loved him, Angie's dad (nearly) loved him.

timm hanly bachelorette

And then we had to watch him be rejected in favour of a man who... has a nice face. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It would've been horrible to watch regardless of how Timm took it, but what made it harder to swallow was his pure, kind, heart wrenching reaction.

In that moment, when Angie was breaking up with him and crying, his only thought was to make her feel better.

"Don't cry... I am so happy that I met you and I cherish every moment with you," he said.

"I love Carlin. If I could pick anyone to treat you how you deserve, it's him. Please don't be sad."




Then he gave her the ring he'd chosen for her anyway, because "This can be a little piece of me," and retreated into the bush with his head in his hands.

the bachelorette australia 2019 finale recap

"I can't even understand it," he told the camera.

"Soulmate, but. I was just waiting for the but. I could just see it in her eyes there was a but coming."

He was upset and confused, but all he wanted was to make sure Angie was okay. He worried about her feelings, was complimentary of the guy she'd chosen and even after walking away, didn't have a bad word to say about anyone.

When he arrived in the mansion, Tarzan-style hair flowing and holding a large bouquet of sunflowers, we never envisioned we'd be here.

Throughout the season, Timm has proven himself to be a weird, funny, genuine person with a heart of gold.

He's sunshine, or more appropriately, a sunflower. In a season full of drama and lies and possible Neighbours auditions, he time and time again showed himself to be a good guy. He was always on the right side.

Even at the end after Angie uttered the word 'but', when he was at his lowest, heartbroken and hurting, he continued to be exactly who he is: A really, really good man.