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The signs that it's time to breakup.

Relationships are hard – and break ups are even harder.

In fact, most of us have probably found ourselves wondering where a relationship was going at one point or another. When you’re in that painful in-between stage, it can be tough to know whether it’s time to break up for good.

Reddit user Banjostring82 found themselves in that very situation recently, so they asked fellow Reddit users to answer the question: When is it time to break up?

And among the obligatory jokes (“When you ask Reddit if it’s time to breakup“) there were also some surprisingly thoughtful responses.

When is it time to break up?

Zaxhary wrote, "If you're not happy then you're not happy. People can't tell you if you should break up, only you decide that," while hirgon13 added "When the memories mean more to you than the person standing in front of you."

Others shared their own experiences with troubled relationships:

"I knew it was done between me and my ex when he started getting annoyed at every single thing I said."

"Sadly I was ~in love~ and put up with three more months of him treating me like crap until he dumped me. Thankfully it was a wake-up call to get some damn self-respect."

Other surprisingly deep responses included:

"When the idea of breaking up is in your mind more often than the idea of staying with your SO."

"When you dread the times that you're supposed to hang out together."

time to break up
"When you dread the times that you're supposed to hang out together." Image via iStock.

"When either or both parties start exhibiting contempt for the other."

"When you have tried to talk out your problems but they keep coming back."

"When they start only caring about themselves without taking you or the relationship into consideration."

"It's time to break up when you're consciously behaving to keep peace or avoid a fight. That's no way to live."

"When it feels like you have become more of a mother than a companion."


We hope the original poster takes some of the helpful advice on board and sorts out their love life soon...

What are the tell-tale signs you need to breakup with someone?

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