Seven genius time-saving beauty tricks we wish someone had told us sooner.

Schick Intuition
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Being busy is no new concept, it has become a cornerstone of modern living and an expected part of our lives. So, in the spirit of time-saving (because who doesn’t love a good hack?) we scoured the Mamamia office and sought the best tips when it comes to saving time for dressing up, when the clock isn’t on your side. Why didn’t someone tell us these sooner?

1. Dry shampoo.

Washing, drying and styling your hair is sometimes a challenge so large that cancelling your plans and opting for a night on the couch is much more tempting. There’s an easy and cheap way to get around it. Dry shampoo is a godsend when last minute plans are made and your hair is between washes. Make it a staple in your makeup bag, and you’ll never face the go out or couch night debate again.

2. Make shaving easy.

When life is getting busy, shaving your legs may become somewhat of a luxury. Instead of only shaving below the knees (guilty) or throwing on a pair of tights (also guilty), show your legs some love – and light – and skip the shaving gel with the Schick Intuition razor. The Schick Intuition razor lathers, shaves and moisturises during shaving – and all in one easy step.

"Show your legs some love." Image: iStock.

3. Go bright.

If you’ve got approximately 30 seconds to make yourself presentable, picking a bold lip colour is the only way to go. It instantly makes you look put together and shaves time off your beauty routine. Swipe, blot and done.


4. Brown eyeliner over black.

Using a brown eyeliner instead of black looks more natural, plus, you can make more mistakes (it’s a lot less obvious than black) and it’s easier to blend. What’s not to love?

5. Paint over chipped nails.

Look, we’re not suggesting that every time your nail polish chips you should simply paint over it. Actually, yes we are - that’s exactly what we’re suggesting. Who’s got time to remove and repaint? (No one.)


"Who’s got time to remove and repaint?" Image: iStock.

6. Find new ways to use old products.

Finding multiple ways to use one product will save you time and space in your stuffed makeup kit. Using lipstick as tint on your cheeks works wonders when you’re out and about and need a fresh touch up. Just dab it on and then gently blend with your fingertips.

7. Fake tan strategically.

Fake tan is sticky, messy time suck. That is, unless you’re only fake tanning the body parts that are going to be on show. One sleeved top? Only fake tan one arm. Legs only on display from the knee down? Don’t bother with your upper thigh. The best part is, no one will ever know.

What are some of your time-saving beauty hacks?