Memo from an escort to men: "Don't have affairs at work. Pay for sex."

“Men in positions of power often see sex as an entitlement, as though it’s a perk of the job,” writes high-class escort Samantha X. “But this sense of invincibility can often lead to higher risk-taking and clouded judgement. That is when mistakes are made.”

Mistakes, she argues in a piece for Rendezview, like that made by Channel 7 boss Tim Worner.

The high-profile CEO and father-of-four’s name was dragged through the headlines on Monday when former employee Amber Harrison went public with details of their affair; a revelation that sent the network’s share market value tumbling $98 million.

“I knew he was married. It was never about love,” 35-year-old Harrison said in a statement. “It was about sex and power. He likes having a bit on the side.”

So how then can all of this be avoided? According to Samantha X, by using a sex worker.

“Yes, Mr Worner’s been a naughty boy. He is not the first man to taste the honey where he makes the money… and he won’t be the last. That’s the allure of power,” she writes.

“But there is one thing that is crystal clear from this affair. Criticise sex workers all you want — we’ve heard it all before — but one thing we are not and that is home wreckers.”

Harrison claims she was paid $150,00 at the time to keep silent but was forced to blow the lid when recent negotiations for a new settlement collapsed. Samantha X, who now runs her own escort agency, notes there would be no such trouble for her clients.

For one, she argues, escorts don’t kiss and tell — integrity aside, it’s simply not good for business. And secondly, their work is just that — a business, a transaction; they’re not remotely interested in stealing these men away from their wives.

“Charlie Sheen said famously: ‘I don’t pay hookers for sex. I pay them to leave afterwards’,” she writes. “Spot on, except he forgot to mention you are also playing them for peace of mind.”

Tim Worner issued a statement saying he is "filled with regret" over the affair. Image: Facebook.

The 'Hooked' author writes that the powerful men likely to be left "quaking in their shiny shoes" by the Worner allegations aren't likely to be those who pay for sex: "Only the stupid ones that commit the sad, old cliched sin of screwing the secretary."

To them, the ones whose libido seems inextricably linked to their job title, the ones who seem unable to "keep it in their pants", she offers this advice:

"May I suggest your fingers Google ‘escort’ instead of firing off flirty emails to your secretary. It will save you peace of mind and money. We are a hell of a lot cheaper than a divorce or a payout."

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