Seven Year Switch's Tim might have put his relationship with Jackie in jeopardy.

If the promo for tomorrow night’s episode of Seven Year Switch is anything to go by, contestant Tim is going to be in some seriously hot water.

The series is supposed to mend their broken relationships, but in a teaser for the upcoming episode, Tim’s partner Jackie says it will all be over if she finds out the tattoo he got with fellow contestant Tallena, is real.

Which, of course, it is.

In a previous episode we saw Tim take a trip to the tattoo parlour with Tallena, who remarked at the time that it might be an experience Jackie would like to have been involved in. Ya, don’t say?

While Jackie nervously thumbs photos of Tim getting inked, she tells her experiment partner Brad, “If that tattoo is real, it’s over.”

Tim's partner Jackie said it would be all over if he got a tattoo. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7)

"Tim would never get a tattoo it's fake," she says while looking closer at the pictures.

However, if the promo for tomorrow night's episode is anything to base our assumptions on, a tattoo may be the least of the couple's worries, with footage showing Tim sneaking into Tallena's bedroom in just his boxers with an audible giggle being heard upon his entrance.


Talking to TV Week this week, Tim does admit that many of his actions and decisions were negatively perceived by many watching.

Tim doing some serious sneaking... in front of the cameras. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7)

"I might be too laid-back for my own good", the 28-year-old said.

"In most people's opinion, some things I did in the house were on the borderline of going too far."

The reality TV star also admitted he didn't consider how his actions could potentially negatively influence his relationship with his long-term partner, Jackie.

"It didn't cross my mind that it could have a negative impact," he said.

Unfortunately for both Tim and Jackie, it's not the first time in the series that Tim's ill-thought actions went against Jackie's wishes. The self-confesses larrikan also took a spa with new partner Tallena, despite Jackie's claims that would be a "deal-breaker" too.

With all of this in mind, things don't look all that positive for the duo.