The Bachelor has his say on Married at First Sight. Sounds slightly hypocritcal.

Ah…okay Tim Robards.

The man that went on a reality TV show to find love, is now judging other men on a reality TV show trying to find love in one of the most hypocritical reactions to the new series, Married at First Sight.

Let’s be clear, none of this has to do with my opinion on either show, but Tim Robards who went on The Bachelor and dated several women at once to let them fight to the death over winning his love, is now judging a show where couples marry people they’ve never met because psychologists say they’re a perfect match.

Last night, Married at First Sight aired its first episode on Channel 9. There’s been mixed reactions to the reality TV show that says it can prove people really can fall in love at first sight (after getting married when they first lay eyes on each other). The show claims that if you get psychologists involved, true ever-lasting love is inevitable.

The women on Married at First Sight. Image via @channel9 Instagram.

Tim Robards took to Twitter to voice his own opinion about the reality TV series.

Robards admits that these guys have more balls than he did (yes, they don't have an abundance of women throwing themselves at the men) but then he kind of takes a swing at the men on the show, when he hints that they may be desperate.

The former Bachelor received some responses over social media reminding him that he too had been on a reality TV show to find a soulmate.

And one person put a bit of pressure on Robards to perhaps pop the question himself.

The former Bachelor Tweeted a response to Big Brother star, Tully Smyth also saying that the show was 'ridiculous'.

If you missed the show, here's a quick preview of what went on Married at First Sight last night.

The show has had mixed responses since airing last night with some viewers disgusted at the idea of the show, others voicing their disappointment about the fact that gay marriage is illegal but a show like this is allowed and others are very supportive.

What do you think about the idea of getting married at first sight?

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