Tim Robards opens up about starting a family with Anna Heinrich.

Ummm you might want to bend down on one knee first, Timmy.

There’s no doubt that Tim Robards and his partner Anna Heinrich are a match made in Bachelor heaven.

And Robards has just revealed that he and Heinrich have already begun making plans for their future together. Hint: It involves children.

In an interview the The Daily Edition, the chiropractor hunk shared the news, along with suggestions that a wedding is also on the cards.

You can watch the video below. Post continues after video…

He told Tom Williams and Sally Obermeder, “One day I just can’t fit it in with all these other ones [weddings they’ve been attending], it is very much down that track though.”

On the topic of children, Robards added, “Yeah we both want to have kids but there things that we both want to do in the next couple of years but no rushing. I think she’d be a good mum.”

Come on Timmy, we’ve been waiting patiently for a Bachie wedding.

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