'I don't take the piss.' Tim Minchin on his 26-year relationship with his wife, Sarah.

Tim Minchin is one person you can count on to be honest.

The Australian comedian and composer is known, among other things, for his no-nonsense and ever-sensible attitude towards all-things life. And hearing him talk about his 26-year relationship to his wife, Sarah Minchin, is as refreshingly real as you’d expect.

In his interview with Mia Freedmen for Mamamia‘s podcast No Filter, the 44-year-old spoke about all things marriage, monogamy and money.

“I’ve made a choice, that I think Sarah is the right person and that monogamy is the right idea and that family is a priority over all the other stuff, which I also really, really want a lot,” the musician says.

“In my recent tour, I’ve got a song ‘I’ll take lonely tonight’, which is about resisting temptation [and] is the song that actually resonates with audiences the most these days. But I’ve made a choice, and it’s a real commitment to loyalty.”

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Minchin admits that being married doesn’t come without its challenges, particularly as their family has travelled the world and relocated a number of times for his work.

“Every now and again [Sarah] goes, ‘Oh, I’m just serving your bottomless need to achieve more crap. I’m just your facilitator so that you can have all your dreams come true and kids you don’t have to look after,'” Minchin tells Mamamia.

“That’s her hitting bottom. A month after she said that to me, when we moved to Sydney, I went, ‘We need to talk about that feeling,’ and she went, ‘Oh, I was just feeling down.’

“I’ve had to say to her, ‘It’s your life, I will do anything – barring stopping working – to support you.'”

But the comedian admits that the sentiment is easy to say, harder to do.

“She’s a mum and she’s a primary carer and she’s got a husband who’s obsessive about work. So, it’s all very well to say ‘you can get more help,’ but she’s like, ‘I don’t want someone else to bring up my kids, I want you to be here.'”

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Sarah is often mentioned in Tim Minchin’s stand-up routines, and is famously the centre of his song “If I Didn’t Have You“.

The couple met at University in Perth during 1993, and Sarah was a social worker before becoming the primary carer for their children. Tim says she was “very relieved to be able to stop”.

“It was a hell of a surprise that just when we had Violet [their daughter], my career took off. So it was incredible, it was like someone had gone, ‘Here’s all your problems solved.’ The cost being: I was away and touring.”

He continues: “By the time Matilda was done, we realised we probably would never have a financial woe in our lives and that we could live the life we wanted to live. So you’d have to be a bit of a dick to whine too much. We are hugely aware of how lucky we are.”

Tim Minchin interview
Tim and Sarah Minchin have been together for 26 years. Image: Getty.

As for how their relationship works, and how they've been able to maintain it, Minchin says Sarah is "non-competitive and not jealous - I think that's hugely important."

"And I don't take the piss. So I work very hard, but... I don't go out with people, I don't go to openings, I don't take drugs and stay up all night. When I'm home, it's just she and I doing our thing."

Oh, and she does the "life admin," he adds.

"She's the one who bought the house in Sydney, sold the house in LA, packed... I do nothing. As in, I do empty the dishwasher and take the kids to school, and day-to-day, I'm a contributor. But I don't do life admin. She runs the whole thing."

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