Big Brother star Tim Dormer just shamed the body-shamers. Right on.

The best response to body shamers? “#‎YouCantShameMe.”

Former Big Brother star Tim Dormer went swimming on Bondi beach the other day.

A Sydneysider taking advantage of the warm weather shouldn’t be that noteworthy, should it?

But for some reason, Dormer’s appearance became fodder for an entire article about how he clearly ‘hadn’t been working out,’ and how he mustn’t care about his ‘beach body’. The article included a headline about Dormer’s so-called “more portly figure,” and featured a series of papparazzi photos of him emerging from the surf.

The 29-year-old wasn’t happy about being critiqued like that, so he published some scathing thoughts of his own — and his remarks are a reminder to body-shamers that their words really can be damaging.

“Haha! I’ve been fat shamed…not that I give a s*** anyway!” he wrote on Facebook, posting a screenshot of the article.

“I’d hate to think how someone would react reading this if they weren’t as thick skinned (pun intended) as me!,” he wrote.

“Good job Daily Mail Australia as we kick off Mental Health week in Australia! #‎FeelGoodAboutYourself #‎YouCantShameMe #‎DailyFail”

Dormer said he made the comments “to shame them so others realise it’s not cool and they don’t need to be affected by it when it happens to them.” (Photo: Instagram)

The 2013 Big Brother contestant, who has also starred in Celebrity Apprentice, elaborated in a Facebook comment:

“I thought about whether to hide it and pretend the article didn’t exist, then I was like ‘No!’ stand up and show it’s not what’s on the outside that counts for every other person out there who’s felt shamed!

“Doing it to shame them so others realise it’s not cool and they don’t need to be affected by it when it happens to them.”

For good measure, Dormer then posted another recent beach picture of himself.

Proving — not that he should have to — that he’s looking far from “portly”.

Dormer shared a photo of his beach body, sticking out his tongue – presumably, at the body-shamers. (Photo: Instagram)

He wrote on Facebook of the image: “By the way took this pic today…amazing the difference a bad article/angle makes!”

Well said, Tim.

Tim Dormer fan? Here’s an Instagram gallery for you:

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