OK! Magazine say Anna and Tim have broken up.

Say it ain’t so!

It’s been reported in the latest OK! magazine that Bachelor favourites and heart-of-gold lovebirds Anna Heinrich, 29, and Tim Robards, 33, have called it a day.

OK! magazine released this cover this week.

The cover of the issue, released this week, touts their "living arrangements" as the cause of the split, saying that Anna has in fact moved out of Tim's lavish Bondi apartment. According to numerous "sources" the dynamic duo have "primarily been living apart."

Anna, who works as a lawyer, and Tim, who has been flourishing as a personal trainer under the helm of his self proclaimed "Robards Method", would appear to be heading for splitsville just when we thought there might be a proposal on the horizon.

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Except, according to them, they're fine and dandy. Upon hearing the rumours, their representative has lashed out at the magazine, telling the Daily Mail, "please know that there is no truth to this rumour, or these erroneous reports whatsoever."
The couple have been together ever since winning the Bachelor's 2013 season, and famously declare their love at every opportunity on their social media platforms.
Tim and Anna at the recent Zoolander 2 premiere. Image: Getty.
They are currently touring the world together, making sweet little video clips as they trek through Mexico and America.
They attended the Myer Fashion Show earlier last month, where Tim jokingly confessed there was always "trouble with Anna." But that was little more than a tongue-in-cheek moment, because according to them they're happy as Larry.


Magazines being wrong? Who would have thought.

We wish the pair of them good luck.


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