FLUFF: We genuinely didn't recognise this famous actress. Whoa.

We genuinely looked at this photograph for a long time.

A real long time.

Before we realised.



The 53-year-old Grand Budapest Hotel actress usually goes for a ghostly, ethereal pixie look… But here she is, all done up and, we have to be honest, virtually unrecognisable.

This image of T-Swin (nobody calls her that, apart from us, right now) in such a mainstream feminine outfit was nothing short of face-scrunchingly, jaw-dropping glam.

Have another look. Another long look.

@Instyle tweeted Tilda Swinton’s new look

Luckily – because we love ghostly ethereal pixie Tilda – this is just a temporary movie-role thing. Tilda’s doing her acting thing for Judd Apatow’s up-coming movie, Trainwreck.

“… And the Academy Award for Best Hair and Make-up goes to… Tilda Swinton’s stylist, for making her look like a COMPLETELY different person.”

Check out our gallery of Tilda’s style through the years… 

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