Millions of people are watching these women dancing to abusive messages from their exes.

There’s something magical happening over in the mystical land of TikTok.

If you’re the parent or sibling of an under 20-year-old, you’ve no doubt heard this phrase.

Turns out Generation Z women are absolutely kick-ass, and only need 15 second videos to prove to the world they’re the kind of dancing new age feminists we’ve been missing.

Teenagers translated. Post continues after video. 

Video by MMC

They’re dancing to voicemails from their exes. Trust me when I say, it’s everything.

Their nonplussed, non-fussed, deadpan faces say what words can not: ‘We do not stand for this s***’.

It all started with @trapmoneybella doing Napoleon Dynamite style dance moves while her sobbing boyfriend (who cheated on her FYI) cries into the phone.

“I’ve been trying to contact you all day but you’re blowing me off. I am telling you the truth but you still don’t trust me. I am sorry for going off on you, I don’t know what to do. I am doing everything I can do make it up to you,” he says.

The glorious piece of video content has thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes, and there’s more where that came from.

“I’m telling you the truth and you still don’t trust me,” @kornlina’s ex said in a voicemail to her epic hand gestures.

Sarah’s ex who cheated on her and then broke into her house takes a slightly more violent approach.

“If you cared about me right now you wouldn’t be doing this,” an aggressive voice says. “You’re just making everything so much worse.”


It then gets frightening.

“Whatever the shit you want to wear and act like that isn’t disrespectful. I’m not dating someone who has every single dude at the school looking at her,” yells a man as his ex-girlfriend twerks to flashing colours in her loungeroom.

Kayle Madison’s ex’s manipulative gaslighting voicemail is also uploaded, but the menace is somehow subdued by her disinterested shimmying.

“I hope that you finally one day understand… I hope you find it in yourself not to be a s***bag. You’re f***ing trash and I hope you realise this,” says the calm menacing voice on the phone.

“All I am telling you is if I find out you’ve been talking to this kid, I’m going to drive to his place. I will find out where he lives and I will f***ing kill him. I am f***ing done with this shit,” Alyssa’s abusive ex yells down the phone as she performs a slow motion star-jump inspired dance routine.

“If you were anybody else I would beat the living f***ing shit out of you,” screams another woman’s ex partner.

They just get worse and worse and worse.

Gianna’s drunk ex boyfriend can be heard yelling, “You only care about yourself and you think you’re hot s***. F*** you you’re a waste of space, everyone hates you, you’re a waste of space and everyone hates you. You’re a gross f*** and your blonde hair looks disgusting.”

The videos are endless, and they move into “dancing to text messages from my ex” and “phone calls from my ex’s mother” which are equally as disturbing.

But as disturbing as the phone calls are, the reactions from these women are promising.

They’re showing the world they’re strong, they’re okay and they’re not going to be broken.

They are all also, most importantly, prefacing their posts with the word “ex”.

These men are no longer in their lives, and good riddance to them.

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