Two years ago, Tiger Woods couldn’t even stand up. His comeback is one for the history books.


Ten years ago, Tiger Woods put his family through hell after a sex scandal that saw his marriage crumble.

This was followed by trip to sex addiction rehab and an arrest for driving while high on a cocktail of drugs.

Woods took a break from professional golf. And in the years that followed, he was plagued by injury, requiring several spinal surgeries. He was forced to withdraw from dozens of tournaments.

But now Woods has made a comeback for the history books, by winning his fifth Masters tournament, 14 years after his last Green Jacket.

Here is Tiger winning on the weekend. Post continues after video.

Video via ESPN

After claiming his win Woods, 43, made a beeline for his children Sam, 11, and Charlie, 10, who he embraced.

“He’s really matured over the last few years,” friend and Golf Channel analyst Notah Begay told CBS.

“A lot of it had to do with him having to deal with his human side,” Begay said.

tiger woods son
Tiger Woods embracing his son Charlie Axel. Image: David Cannon/Getty Images)

“When you’re injured and you’re hurt and the future is uncertain, you start to ask yourself a variety of questions. He came up with really great answers ... (and) that really helped him develop as a father and as a friend,” he continued.

Woods is very aware he's been given another chance, both physically in his return from injury, and emotionally with his family and fans.

“I was very fortunate to be given another chance to do something that I love to do,” he said.


“But more importantly, I’ve been able to participate in my kids’ lives in a way that I couldn’t for a number of years I’m starting to be able to play with them and do things in their sports. That’s something I always missed,” he explained.

And it wasn't just his children who ran to his side to congratulate him on Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club.

Current and former rivals lined up to shake his hand, something that may not have happened a decade ago.

Begay says it's a testament to the man he's become.

“If you look at his previous wins there wasn’t hardly anybody waiting for him after those victories.

"Now you just saw the plethora of players from multiple generations — Bernhard Langer, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler — those are relationships he’s fostered in these last few years," he told CBS.

Physically, there was doubt Woods would ever play again. Many see that alone, as a miracle.

The Masters - Final Round
Tiger Woods of the United States reacts during the Green Jacket Ceremony after winning the Masters. Image: by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In 2017, the golf star underwent fusion surgery because of back pain and was unable to walk unassisted.

“I walked in and he was unable to get up out of his chair to give me a hug," Begay described.

"It was a telling day for me because the one person I’d looked up to most of my life as a friend and a competitor was unable to get out of his chair.

"If he was unable to do that (in my mind) he was unable to play world-class golf in the near future or maybe even ever. That was a reality check for me,” he continued.

But Woods never spoke of retirement.

"Just seeing this guy’s desire and what’s in his heart. It’s unparalleled. This might be one of the greatest achievements in sport," Begay said of his friend.

Sporting colleagues had "tears in their eyes" as they took to social media to praise his return to greatness.