Michael Hutchence's daughter Tiger Lily has made her modelling debut.

Tiger Lily Hutchence, the daughter of late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and British TV personality Paula Yates, has made her modelling debut for ethically-sourced label House of Khadi.

The 20-year-old features in the kickstarter campaign that aims to raise the brand enough money to produce shirts in a Fairtrade-registered factory.

Despite her famous name, Tiger Lily has mostly maintained a private existence with no verified social media accounts.

This sudden step into the public eye might have resulted from the influence of her philanthropic adoptive father, Sir Bob Geldof.

Tiger Lily. (Source: Kickstarter)

Tiger Lily was orphaned at the age of four, following her father's suspected suicide and her mother's accidental heroin overdose.

She is the half-sister to Geldof's three daughters, Fifi, Pixie and Peaches — who died of a heroin overdose in 2014.

House of Khadi's campaign features the 20-year-old wearing a variety of cotton shirts in a lush countryside setting.

With her sculpted features and flowing dark hair, Tiger Lily is the spitting image of her late father.

Source: Getty/Instagram.[/img_caption]

(Source: Kickstarter.)

The company's Kickstarter profile described the fabrics used in its ethically-made production as cotton grown in rural India.

"We have a superb relationship with a Fairtrade-registered factory in Southern India where they have 'state of the art' Japanese equipment and two in-house quality control experts overseeing productions," it read.

"It is imperative to us that the production process is precise and that all our House of Khadi shirts are made to the very highest standard."

Tiger Lily with her parents, Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates and sister Trixie Belle. (Source: Getty Images)

The two women behind the brand, Rima Sams and Lily Gutierrez, said they would not be drawing a wage during the initial phases of establishing the brand.

"All the money raised will be used as 'working capital' We both receive our own income generated from other sources... So will not be drawing a wage whilst our brand is growing," the kickstarter read.

The campaign reached its target of raising $17,000 in its one month period.

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