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The Bachelor's Tiffany: "The aftermath of this breakup is worse than any other I've been through."

Today I am returning to Bali for the first since my attempt to move over there with my ex-girlfriend, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling anxious about going back.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I was quite unwell yesterday, which was stress related. The news that Alex Nation could now be dating a woman probably could not have come at a worse time as it has meant I have been flooded with emails from the press to make comment and reflect back on my own failed relationship in an attempt to offer words of wisdom.

I have The Institute of Code to thank for my return to Bali, a coding school where I will learn how to build a website.

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I absolutely love that at the age of 30 I will be learning a skill that is becoming so crucial in today’s society (even primary school children are now learning to code!) I also love that I will not have to rely on (or pay) someone else to build my website. I’ve spent the past six months building myself up again and finding a new direction and it feels like it is all culminating in me returning to Bali.

Since I came back home to Perth in March of this year, I have been working hard on firstly, getting myself to a mentally healthy and happy place, and secondly figuring out what I want to do next, what really matters. It is public knowledge that after I came back from Bali, I suffered an episode of depression which took me about three months to come out of.

For the most part, I am feeling much better and I am in a good place, but there are still set backs. The aftermath of this breakup has been worse than any other that I have been through; the constant references in the media, being asked on my Instagram if I am still with my ex, being invited to the same events and not wanting an awkward run in and being offered the same work opportunities. So yes, the relationship was hard and the breakup even harder but now I choose to focus on myself and on becoming a girl boss.


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After overcoming the episode of depression, the past three months has been all about personal growth. Tuning out the rest of the world and tuning into my intuition for guidance and for what truly makes me happy. I have BIG dreams, I feel like I am just at the start of a new chapter that for the first time in my life is solely about me, about building a business, about becoming a girl boss and digital nomad and I could not be more excited. Whether it all comes to fruition or not, I am so proud to just be putting it out there into the world and working my ass off for something I am really passionate about.

*Enter Institute of Code*

It seemed very fateful that The Institute of Code would come along when it did. I have been studying a Certificate III in Micro-Business Management and part of my Business Plan is to build a website to relaunch that will be more business focused and allow me to branch off into a few new projects. To be offered a place at the institute and for it to be based in a tropical paradise was a dream come true. I am very much looking forward to getting away from all the distractions of my regular life and being completely immersed in building my website for 10 days whilst being a little pampered. It is just what I needed right now.


So as nervous as I feel about going back to Bali, I am also very excited about what is to come, and I feel like getting back over there will be quite therapeutic in letting go of some of the frustrations that have been holding me back. I will not let ghosts of the past prevent me from returning to a place I have always loved and taking up amazing new opportunities.

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