The Bachelor's Megan and Tiffany want fans to stop asking "are you gay?"

Ever since Megan walked out on Richie mid-rose ceremony, fans have been glued to her social media, looking for any clues as to what her post-Bachelor life is like.

It wasn’t long before Megan was declaring she’d found ‘love’ on the show, with fellow eliminated contestant Tiffany Scanlon.


The pair confirmed they were best friends, and began posting endless pictures of each other – sometimes in the nude – on Instagram.

But after Megan posted a new picture of her new BFF, writing, "there are many things I love, but here is one", fans are getting...suspicious.

"Lovers", wrote one fan, under the photo of Megan and Tiffany smiling and staring into each other's eyes.

"There are many things I love, but here is one," Megan wrote. Image via Instagram.

"Oh are you gay?" wrote another.

While the pair continue to post happy snaps of each other, those NSFW shots have mysteriously disappeared from their feeds.

Tiffany wrote that she deleted the images due to negative feedback, but not because she was "ashamed" of her behaviour.

"I feel insulted I even have to defend myself. I went with an open mind and an open just so happens I met a kindred spirit who also likes to take risks, push boundaries, question convention, is liberal, open minded, free thinking and creative," she wrote.

Tiffany and Megan have since removed the NSFW images from their profiles. Image via Instagram.

"In regards to the recent images that we posted and removed, I did not have a 'sudden change of heart', I am not ashamed, I am not sorry and I look forward to being able to post them back up eventually.

"If you look back through my Instagram (and Megan's) you will realise these photo's are not out of character for either of us.

"I'm tired of people making assumptions and speaking on my behalf so I hope this clears some things up, if indeed it is allowed to stay up."

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