House Rules star, goes after online bullies attacking her deceased mum.

This is internet trolling at its lowest.

Big personalities on reality TV shows always get a lot of fans and a lot of haters. Unfortunately, the haters are more vocal (online) than the fans.

That’s to be expected – but this time the trolls have taken it too far.

House Rules contestant, Tiana Falzon knew that going on a reality television show with her big personality would cause people to either love or hate her, she even expected some backlash online – but not to the extent it’s gone to.

It’s the comments about Falzon’s late mother (who passed away when she was a child) that have absolutely crossed the line.

“That’s especially hurtful. No one has any right to talk about my mum. How dare they? Saying she’d be disappointed in me if she was alive, that she’d be ashamed of my behaviour,” Falzon told The Daily Telegraph.

“People sit behind the comfort of a computer screen and attack someone they don’t know.”

Falzon is on the show with her dad, Steve.

Steve and Tiana with all the love. Image via House Rules Facebook.

The 26-year-old explains that you don't always see everything that happens - as is the case with all reality TV shows - you only see the parts that the producers decide to show. We all know that television shows are cut and pasted from the reels of footage they film.

However, what they show is real and even if there are parts of Falzon's character that viewers don't agree with, they should not be making remarks about her deceased mother.

You also don't need to bully someone.

Tiana and her dad in happier times. Image via House Rules Facebook.

“Everyone can have an opinion about that and how I act. But just say ‘I don’t like how Tiana speaks to her dad’ instead of ‘I hate how that fat, ugly b*tch speaks to her dad’ — there’s a big difference," Falzon told The Daily Mail.

We see online trolling and bullying all the time - most of it directed at women, especially women who dare to have a big personality and a strong voice.

And while everyone has the right to their own opinion you do not attack someone online and you NEVER attack someone's deceased relative. Ever.

What do you think of online bullying toward reality TV stars?

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