7 ways to survive this weekend's family gatherings.

As families come together this weekend, we have put together a list of handy tips how to survive the family gatherings.

Chocolate eggs. Hot Cross buns. Chocolate bunnies. Marshmallow bunnies. Chocolate carrots.

These are going to consume your weekend. Actually, you are probably going to consume these this weekend.

And with all that tasty goodness come the joyous and wonderful family gatherings.

While we all love our family members with our whole hearts, everyone can agree that mid-way through having your parents, his parents, your sister, his brother and all their partners and children over at your place, you wonder what you have done to deserve this. (If your eye started twitching as you read that line, it’s okay, we understand.)

So we have put together the 7 ways to get through having your family, extended family and possibly strangers at your home.

Would you add anything to this list?