Thunderstorm asthma: New warning for Gippsland and parts of north east Victoria.

By Kellie Lazzaro

The Victorian Department of Human Services has issued a warning to asthma sufferers, due to possible storms forecast for parts of Gippsland and Victoria’s north-east ranges today.

The Department is developing an official warning system, after eight people died from thunderstorm asthma and one person remains in intensive care.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Professor Charles Guest is advising asthma and hayfever sufferers in Gippsland and the north east to carry their inhaler or relievers today.

“They should ensure these are always close at hand, in the car, at work, at home, as it isn’t always possible to predict changing weather conditions,” Professor Guest said.

Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing is urged to call triple-0.

“Thunderstorms, combined with pollen in the air can trigger asthma attacks,” Professor Guest said.

About 2.3 million Australians have asthma.

This post originally appeared on ABC News.

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