The cheesecake blowing people's minds.

My Facebook feed is full of one image.

This image:

Image via YouTube.

It seems that my friends and family are going crazy about making a cheesecake with just three ingredients.

But my friends and family are not alone.

All you need. Image via YouTube.

The YouTube video uploaded by Ochikeron has almost two million views.

That is a lot of cheesecake being made.

Check out the video. (Post continues after the video.)


Three ingredients seems pretty simple. But there are a number of steps.

First, you need to separate the eggs.

Image via YouTube.

You also need to melt the chocolate, without eating it while it's melting. More skill.

Image via YouTube.

Then whip the egg whites.

Image via YouTube.

Mix in the cream cheese and egg yolks to the white chocolate.

Image via YouTube.

Then add the egg whites in two separate batches.

Image via YouTube.

You then need to put it in a lined baking dish and cook it in the oven in three different time slots with different temperatures.

Once it is baked and cooled, you sprinkle on some icing sugar and eat (the best bit).

Image via YouTube.

Ochikeron isn't just famous for her cheesecake. She's also famous for her two ingredient chocolate cake.

If you try making either cake, let us know how it goes. 

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