Three good news stories to make you smile today.


It’s been a dark, bleak few months.

And you know what we need now more than ever? The happy stuff. The good stuff. The stuff that makes us feel BETTER about the world.

SO, let’s do exactly that.

Here’s three bright, smiley stories to lift your mood and make you feel all the Fri-yay feelz.

1. Policewoman donned in bikini takes down pesky thief.

Mikaela Kellner, an off-duty Swedish policewoman, is taking the Internet by storm for her incredible act of heroism… in a bikini.

Having served in the police force for 11 years, Kellner was enjoying a day in the sun with her girlfriends when a pickpocket under the guise of a magazine salesman approached.

It was only after the unusual magazine enthusiast left the group that Kellner’s best friend realised something: her phone had vanished.

But she had nothing to worry about – because her police lady mate is SUPERWOMAN.


“I just acted on instinct and didn’t think about it so much until after we had pinned him down,” Kellner since told The Local Sweden.

“When I sat there I looked over at our other two friends who are not police officers and realised that it probably looked pretty funny.”

If you’re not already in love with this woman, you will be in 3… 2…

“I would have stepped in no matter what my outfit. Had I been naked I would also have intervened.

“Nothing will stop me.”

2. Gwen Stefani brought an avid fan up on stage after mum wrote about his battle with bullies.

Gwen Stefani was moved by a woman’s sign at her Florida concert on Wednesday night, which thanked the pop queen for creating music which helped her son overcome bullying.

“My son was bullied from first to fifth grade,” Gwen began reading to the awed crowd. “He would come everyday upset, but he’d come home and listen to your music and smile.”

*** tears ***

Video via Gwen Stefani

So what did the “Rich Girl” singer do? She pulled the young boy onstage to make a once-in-a-lifetime memory together. BECAUSE WHY THE BLOODY HELL NOT.

“Get up here right now!” she called out to the boy.


Within seconds, the crowd was working together to move him closer to his idol, who was waiting with her arms open wide.

3. Employees surprise legendary boss with a new Tesla car.

Dan Price, the CEO of financial company Gravity Pavements in Seattle, made a FREAKING AMAZING decision in April 2015 to raise the minimum salary for his employees to $70,000.

The choice to hand out mega raises was made after he overheard a worker talking about how she could barely make ends meet on her skimpy salary.

To allow for the massive wage increase, Price decided to cut his own salary to $70,000 too.

Because… in case you didn’t realise already… he’s a complete and total legend.

And now, more than a year on from the monumental decision, his staff members have pitched in to buy Price his dream car – a shiny new Tesla.

When his staff surprised him, the CEO leapt into the arms of his co-worker.

When his staff surprised him, the CEO leapt into the arms of his co-worker. Image: Facebook

On the car, employees attached a plaque which reads: "Thank you for always putting the team before yourself. This gift is our way of showing how much your sacrifice means to us.”

For Gravity Pavements, the company-wide raises have had A+ results.

Not only is the company's turnover at the lowest rate in its history, Price has also received 30,000 resumes since the change, and has added another 50 people to his team.

Business is booming, too. The Gravity Pavement client base has also increased 30 per cent, and profits have nearly doubled in the past year, growing from $3.5 million to $6.5 million.


Go on, sexy/lovely/happy reader friends! Share your good news stories with us in the comments.