“I thought of you as my baby was crowning,” Carrie Bickmore’s weird labour story.

Education minister Christopher Pyne helped Carrie Bickmore “fix” her labour.

Recent Gold Logie winner Bickmore told Pyne about the role he played in her labour six weeks ago during a guest appearance on The Project.

Bickmore is on maternity leave from the show after giving birth to her daughter, Evie, in March, but made a special appearance following her Sunday night Logie win.

The confession: Bickmore tells Pyne about her unusual labour technique.

The panel all wore beanies for brain cancer awareness, something that Bickmore also brought up in her Logies speech.

“I thought of you as my baby was crowning,” she said to Pyne after being prompted to relate the story by co-star Peter Helliar.

Pyne initially appeared nonplussed but quickly recovered himself and told her she wasn’t the first person to tell him that.

“That night, before I went into labour, I was watching your fabulous ‘I’m a fixer’, and I watched it over and over,” Bickmore said.

The Fixer quickly recovered himself after the revelation.


“And I wanted to keep it a surprise but it just filled me with such joy.

“And then I thought to myself I must remember that when I’m in intense pain if I need a laugh, to think of Christoper Pyne’s ‘I’m a fixer’. And then as it was happening, I was thinking ‘I’m a fixer,'” she told him.

Christopher Pyne’s infamous “I’m a fixer” comment occurred during an interview on Sky News with journalist David Speers. It spawned a Star Wars parody video and Pyne’s fate as The Fixer was sealed.

What got you through labour? 

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