"I will always regret not being there." Thomas Markle on his daughter's wedding day.

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It’s been a very tumultuous week for Meghan Markle’s 73-year-old father, Thomas.

First, he got caught staging paparazzi shots. Then he started suffering heart pains. Then he had to drop out of his daughter’s wedding. Then he underwent heart surgery on May 16. Then he had to watch on television as Meghan Markle, 36, married Prince Harry at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Palace.

On Saturday, as his daughter was married to Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, Thomas Markle told TMZ he hoped, “all of my relatives will just shut up about everything.”

Speaking to the publication, he said he watched the wedding on TV.

“The service was beautiful and it’s history. I will always regret not being able to be there and not being able to hold my daughter’s hand,” he said.

“My baby girl is a duchess and I love her so much.

“When you watch your child get married, every thought goes through your mind, every memory from the first day she was born, the first time I held her.”

Thomas Markle said due to his health issues he hasn’t been able to get his daughter and Prince Harry a wedding gift, but will do so soon.

Speculation was rife during the week about who would walk Meghan Markle down the aisle, after the bride’s father confirmed he would not be attending the wedding.

In the hours before the ceremony, it was confirmed that the royal bride would be bucking tradition.

On Saturday morning, UK time, Meghan was greeted at the West Door of St George’s Chapel by a member of the clergy, and then walked unescorted down the chapel nave, with just her bridesmaids and pageboys behind her, and a senior church figure leading the way.

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Prince Charles then stepped in and escort her once she reached the Quire, where the main royals were seated.

He did not, however, give her away.

Instead, Charles took a step back as Meghan presented herself to Prince Harry - a decision heralded as a "bold feminist move".

Meghan's mother, Doria, was the only member of her family who was visible during the wedding.

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