This toddler just asked Kim Kardashian the one thing we've been dying to know.

If you had the chance to interview Kim Kardashian, what’s the first thing you would ask?

Perhaps you’d ask about her daily beauty routine, how she really feels about Taylor Swift or how to take the perfect selfie.

Or, if you’re anything like toddler Sid, you’d ask her how the HECK she became famous.

Little Sid - the young son of one of Kim's friends - got the chance to sit down with Kim and discuss the big issues, and he didn't waste any time in getting straight to the point.

"How are you famous?" the curious toddler asked.

Caught off guard by his hard-hitting interview style, Kim didn't quite know how to respond.

"Famous? I don't like to use that term," she began.

"How am I famous? That's a good question..." she continued, before her friend interrupted with "she's got a big booty!"

Spoiler alert: This is why Kim is famous, Sid. Image via @kimkardashian

Sid also asked Kim why she was always on the cover of magazines ("because I like magazines", says Kim) and whether or not she could turn his mum into an emoji.

Dream big, Sid. We'll see you at the Walkley awards soon.