This story is devastating….

Whichever way you look at it. It’s never cause for celebration when children are removed from their parents. It is devastating for the children to be removed and devastating that the need is there to take them from a dangerous or damaging environment in the first place.

And so it is with the news that the US toddler named Adolf Hitler and his two baby sisters – who also have names associated with Nazism – have been taken from their white supremacist parents who insist they are not racist. Of course they’re not. Why would anyone think that? That swastika tattoo on the dad’s arm? He says that’s ‘art’.

Now the mother has breached a court order barring them from talking to the media and given an interview pleading for a lawyer to help the family get the kids back. The news clip below is hard to watch without clenching your fist. 

It’s too easy to call these people nuts. They are not nuts, they know exactly what they’re doing. Which makes the whole situation that much more sad and frightening……

A special shout out to Adolf’s granny who talks shit in the interview, comparing her grandchildrens’ names to BARACK OBAMA. I know. Deep breath. Don’t punch the computer. Not the computer’s fault.

On the way to court a couple days ago, the lovely Campbell family were pulled over by the cops who gave the dad a breath test because the car reeked of alcohol. Turns out the smell wasn’t coming from him but from Granny Campbell in the backseat who was wasted at 10am in the morning, on her way to court to ask the judge to grant her custody of the kids.

There are no words. Actually…there are a few words here in a New York Times piece that looks at the Campbell case and questions whether naming a child something heinous constitutes child abuse. Of a sort? I say yes.

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