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This man would like to have sex with you after he tells you that you’re fat.

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson

If I were a guy, I would totally want to get dating tips from Jack Nicholson who is 70.
He is not one for flowers or flattery. No chocolates or diamonds. Oh no. No romantic cliches for this celebrated ladies’ man. He think women expect him to be super-smooth so he takes the reverse approach and insults them. Asked for his best pick-up line, this is what he told a journalist:

‘You walk up to someone you like and you’re feeling relaxed, they think, “Oh, here comes the shark” and you say to them, “When did you get pregnant?” You will have somebody off balance after that particular line.”

Yes you will Jack. Isn’t that clever? Take note, gentlemen. What women won’t want to sleep with an elderly man after he’s called her fat! Sign me up for some of that, Jack.

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