This actress stars in a hit show airing soon in Australia, but her contract says she has to lose weight.

There’s a highly acclaimed new show about to hit Australian shores, but we’re not sure if we should watch it.

American drama This Is Us has been applauded by fans and critics alike for its sharp portrayals of family life in story lines that have struck a cord across the world.

But the series has recently come under fire after lead actress, Chrissy Metz, 36, revealed her intention to lose weight for her role.

Metz plays Kate Pearson, an obese former assistant whose battle with weight encompasses almost every aspect of her life.

The reveal may have been considered nothing unusual, however, during an interview with People last month, she revealed the weight loss was part of her contract.

“It’s definitely a conversation that we’ve had, and it’s in my contract,” she said.

“It’s going to be a lifestyle change not just for Kate but for me.”

Laura Brodnik and Rosie Waterland recently discussed how this reveal caused the young actress to be slaughtered on social media on the latest episode of The Binge.

Listen to Laura and Rosie discuss the big problem with This Is Us.  

Rosie spoke about how the actress was forced to back peddle after the interview in an attempt to save face.

“She then, when there was a massive negative reaction to her saying that, she came out and went, ‘oh, no, it’s not in the contract, I shouldn’t have said the word contract, it’s just if I want to,’ which totally is bullshit,” Rosie said.

“This is really upsetting and a little problematic to me, first of all, I have problems with overweight female characters having to be on shows and having that to be central to their story line in the first place. I find that really frustrating.”

Chrissy Metz as Kate Pearson in This Is Us. (Source: NBC.)

Co-host Laura agreed the premise of her character needing to lose weight was wrong but disagreed it was an entirely negative move.

"I don’t think it’s problematic because as you were saying, it’s not anything new in Hollywood, Renee Zellweger put on weight for Bridget Jones, Anne Hathaway lost it for Les Mis," she said.

“The other thing is, without these network shows, ten years ago she would not have even been on screen at all, and she’d be never cast in movies and she’d never be cast in prime time shows at all."

“Maybe this will lead to Chrissy Metz getting different roles kind of like Melissa McCarthy now stars in roles that aren’t about her weight. They’re just about how she’s a great actress and she’s hilarious and she writes her own material."

This Is Us' moments are relatable, their characters, believable and their problems all too real. The recent media attention may certainly give us something to think about but it won't stop us from watching.

This Is Us will air on Ch 10 in 2017. 

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