This is Miley Cyrus’s sister. She is 9. And I’m trying to breathe.


Not they are not Shauna Sands’ daughters. I’m trying to work this story out and no matter how deep I dig and how many links I click, I just can’t get past how deeply uncomfortable it makes me. Here we have Miley Cyrus’s sister Noah and her BFF Emily Grace Reaves. They are 9 and they appeared on the red carpet last week at some 19 year old starlet’s ‘retro pool party’. No, I don’t know why they were at a 19 year old’s birthday party posing on a red carpet like…..well, in a way that is kind of disturbing. The caption on this photo and others (after the jump) reads:
Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves, with Emily’s dog Bunny, pose for the cameras at Brittany Curran’s Retro 50’s Poolside Bash on Saturday, May 30 in Burbank sporting Juicy Couture vintage bathing suits. The two friends filmed an episode of their Noei and Ems Show at the party. So pretty!

Did you catch the bit where THEY FILMED AN EPISODE OF THEIR REALITY SHOW at the party? Yeah, uh-huh. They have their own show which they broadcast on THEIR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Why does a nine year old need a reality show? Or a youtube channel? Why?

These shots appeared on a site called Ocean Up and I can’t understand what that is either. Oh my head is hurting about now and my fingers are twitching because I want to grab SOME APPROPRIATE CLOTHES AND GET ON A PLANE TO PLANET NUTCASE where the families of these two little girls obviously live. Billy Ray Cyrus? I know you have questionable taste in haircuts and music but are you SERIOUSLY allowing your youngest daughter to do this stuff?

Here are the rest of the pictures and after that, an episode of their ‘show’ and I’m off to have a large glass of outrage and a long nap.Screenshot_09 Screenshot_07 Screenshot_08


[thanks phillippa via Jezebel]

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